Friday, September 3, 2010

The Mystery of Poona becomes Badminton: Solve the case along!

*Clue: Please follow the dates religiously.

"Men (and that includes the entire humankind. no sexual biases) hate birds."
11th April
On one fine morning in the year 1843 in the city of Pune (then known as Poona), Captain David Collingwood went out for an evening walk. Like all the other days for the past 3 years, he had had his afternoon nap; and then he had got up confused, asking his wife if it were evening or morning. Ms David Collingwood (like always) was ready with her usual answer, or the lack of it. Not caring about the mistreatment captain was subjected to, he went out for the walk. Following the same old gloriously inglorious path, he noticed that the banyan tree had grown by 3.367 inches in the last three years. He also secretly noticed that some of the flowers had changed colors. Since while noticing he was also walking, he reached junction x.
9th April
Ms Rosemary David Collingwood accused her husband that he lacked creativity because he never took the unknown path. This was the second last statement of the conversation (last being: could you please pass me the meat?). The conversation began with the game of "dear wifey, you tell me my weaknesses, and then I'll tell yours; in the end, we'll have a discussion on each of them; and later we'll try to improve ourselves on the basis of the decided terms." There was no tossing of coins; the wife began. And soon the game turned into the second most popular game among men (and that includes the entire humankind. no sexual biases): "dear wifey, you tell me my weaknesses, and then you shout back at me; later, you hit me while abusing me; then I'll finish my dinner and go to sleep only after you do the same."
18th April
Poona is formed.
11th April
Captain David Collingwood chose the unknown path to walk. While moving forward, Captain met three people/people-like organisms: one, a little Indian kid who was eating gola; two, three English girls playing battledore and shuttlecock (an early form of baddy); and third, a talking bird. The talking bird started laughing at captain. It/he/she belonged to zimosysis category of birds who have always found men (you know whom) funny. Captain, keeping his Englishness intact, lost his cool. He rushed back to the place where the three girls were playing; took one of the rackets; and reached back to only find the laughing bird flying away.
The following week, he kept on thinking about the bird. And seven days hence, his anger resulted in what you call today Badminton.
*He called it Poona.

Solve the mystery. Be Sherlock Hommy. Get a pat on the back from the person closest to you (ask him to do so).
The "Solve the Mystery" question:
Who is Rosemary?
a. A Flower.
b. Principal, St Joseph's School.
c. Captain Collingwood's Alter Ego.
d. None of the above.

Thank you Captain David Collingwood for the game of badminton. It's because of you that SIBM Badminton Team went to Pune to play Poona (alias Badminton).
Our Team:

1. Akhilesh Agarwal
2. Vivek Kumar Singh
3. Munish Bansal
4. Prashant Vaish
5. Sampada Vasishta
6. Nisha Sullia
7. Niharika
8. Gayatri
Coach: Titus Raju
The team made us all proud by reaching the semi-finals stage.

By Jitesh Sharma

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