Sunday, September 26, 2010

Colloquium 2010

On August 19, SIBM-B organized Colloquium 2010 on ‘The Reforms and Internationalisation of Higher Education and the Future of Management Education.’ The event witnessed the convergence of many eminent academicians and corporate personalities from across the world on a common platform. The event’s Inaugural Address was given by Dr. Ramaswamy (Founder Director – IIM-B, Director of NGO Cartman), who made a very eloquent and enlightening speech encompassing various issues related to the present day higher education. He greatly emphasized the need for opening up the educational system for privatization, Indianizing the education in the country, and relaxing the rigid regulations. This was followed by the keynote address by Dr. Shyam Sunder (Professor of Accounting, Economics, and Finance at the Yale School of Management), who stressed on the need for innovation.The first panel discussion was on the topic, ‘Reforms & Internationalization of Higher Education’. There was congruence in the thoughts of all the panelists and they all agreed on the fact that research centres have to be developed in large numbers in India.
The topic for the second panel was ‘Future of Management Education’. Prof. M.R. Rao (Dean Emeritus, ISB Hyderabad) delivered the opening address of the session. He voiced his concern about the lack of quality faculty in the higher education institutes and how there is no system of performance based incentives in most of the management institutes. Mr. Rao expressed his hope to see India as the hub of management education in 10 years. There were many other concerns that were brought up by the panelists like the slow speed of globalization of Indian B-schools, lack of true leaders in management sphere, unemloyability of students passing out and the various governing challenges that the institutes face today. The panel also urged for a more women friendly management society, and the requirement of co-creation wherein the management schools will join hands with the corporate world so as to ensure better management education.

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