Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Story of the Bomb

It's been more than a month, and I am pretty much late to give another insight into my days here (at Bangalore). It's not because am lazy, nor because my typing speed is that slow, and neither because I am scared of the over-usage of computers because of the dangerous electromagnetic waves they send that can harm your brain cells (it's a joke).

By the way, it's (the Bangalore experience) all been awesome.

The month was hectic; the month was fun. I won't write chronologically because I've lost sense of time; but I will write.

The Story of the Bomb: SYMBLAZE

Our very vibrant Extra Curriculars Committee came up with an idea of a party to welcome the Batch of 2010-12, which as I had said before - is very enthusiastic. The freshers' party was a clear-cut insight into their (our) enthusiasm, for completely different reasons depending on your age and mentality. The music was loud; the party, louder.

Symblaze 2010

And our Batch was not a disappointment. Not even close:

But this doesn't justify the title. After the unlimitedly infinite fun and a wonderfully delicious dinner, came in some unexpected visitors. I remember, I was holding the dinner-plate in my hands, thinking what came first - the chicken or the egg, that three masked guys (who looked like the ones you find in movies like Resident evil) rushed in, asking us to leave the place. Someone had shown his creativity or the lack of it by doing a prank call, informing the police that a bomb had been placed. We evacuated the place like the sincere beings we are. And after the prankness of the call was hence-proved, the enthusiasm took over yet again. And the party was back to party.

Overall, it was one memorable experience. One of those on which short, amateur movies are made.

By Jitesh Sharma

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